Meal Boxes

$70 Serves 2

Date Night Tonight

Smoke Lamb Rump and Duck Fat Roasties

What’s in the box

Lamb Rump
Beetroot Pickle
Duck Fat Potatoes
salted caramel fudge


Cheese, olives and crackers are there to be enjoyed whilst cooking.

Preheat the oven to 220C. Place the lamb and potatoes on baking trays and tuck them in the oven.


You could use the same tray if you like. The potatoes will soak up some of the flavours and cooking juices from the lamb. The trade off will be the crispiness of the spud.


Your Lamb will be ready 30-40 mins. Make sure you rest the rump when you remove from the oven.

Remove the potatoes at the same time if they look right to you. Otherwise, if you prefer them a little more golden, leave them in until it is time to carve.


Blanch the broccoli (my hack here is : put the greens in a mixing bowl, boil a full kettle and pour over. Leave until ready to eat.)

Slice the rump into nice four nice slices. Put all on a plate and dress with the pickled beetroot.

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